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Myopia Awareness Week 2024
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Myopia week draws attention to such an important condition that we at Clínica Guirao dedicate a huge amount of our medical and surgical treatment. We wanted to break down the three cohort of patients with myopia managed at Clínica Guirao with Myopia. 

1. Myopic children

  • The global pandemic has accelerated the use of tablets and computers for education, and this has caused a huge rise in childhood myopia says Dra Guirao, who has debated the subject at congresses of WSPOS. Dra Guirao manages such children with latest evidence medicine to halt the progression of the disease and thus preventing retinal and macula pathology later in life. 

myopia awareness week 2024

2. Young adults with myopia

  • In this age range, the myopia can no longer be controlled and progression halted, like in children. It needs management with spectacles, contact lenses or refractive surgery.
  • Myopia management with contact lenses for sport, the beach and daily life can be useful, but the risk of infection and inconvenience with lenses can be problematic.
  • It is interesting to note that the risk of infection from surgery is similar to wearing contact lenses for a year, hence an excellent solution to manage myopia in this cohort is refractive surgery. 

3. Cataract surgery 

  • And finally, patients with cataracts who have myopia have a range of options to minimise the residual myopia post-surgery. 
  • Whether toric lenses, accommodative lenses or monovision, a personalised approach in managing your condition is carefully selected to ensure that the myopia is best corrected at the time of surgery. 

To find out more, please contact us at Clínica Guirao and we will be delighted to discuss  your personalised management plan. 

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